2016-2017 National Winners

1st Place: Shift Cycle Eyewear Team

School: Tampa Christian Community School
Tampa, FL

Photo (left to right): Sophia Nobles, Catherine Tomasello, Coach Michele Seidel
Teacher/Coach: Michele Seidel
1st Place video: https://youtu.be/cBo-QHWeZk8
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Description: The Shift Cycle Eyewear Team identified a problem in their community and developed a prototype to help the estimated 15 million U.S. night-shift workers stay alert while on the job and realign their circadian rhythm so that they can get better sleep after work. Shift Cycle Eyewear offers green-blue light therapy and features electro-chromic polymer lenses that block blue light and bright light at the right times.

2nd Place: The Dream Team

School: Howell Middle School South
Howell Township Public Schools
Howell, NJ

Photo (left to right): Beata Wolak, Ruth Daly, Coach Josh Langenberger
Teacher/Coach: Josh Langenberger
2nd Place video: https://youtu.be/_9wE5vPLOGI
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Description: The Dream Team explored the effects of blue light emitted from electronic devices and its impact on student alertness and determined that there was a definite correlation between electronic use after 8 p.m. and alertness in school the subsequent day. Their goal is to communicate their results to the administration and to their peers to improve awareness of this issue and its impacts on school performance.

3rd Place: The Sleep Best Team

School: Tolland Middle School
Tolland Public Schools
Tolland, CT

Photo (left to right): Mary Singer, Allison Free, Sara Carey, Coach Stephanie Cassidy
Teacher/Coach: Stephanie Cassidy
3rd Place video: https://youtu.be/Sr4-YCGgqCI
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Description: The Sleep Best team created a school-wide awareness campaign to inform other middle-schoolers about the effects of blue light on sleep. The team also developed an app and an online game—Best the Blue Light—for students to learn more about blue light in a fun and engaging way, while also informing students about how to sleep better, stay healthy and perform well in school.