Bright Schools Competition Project Submission can be completed in 4 key steps!

The Bright Schools Competition asks students to investigate an issue related to light and sleep as it pertains to their community and/or young adolescents. Project submissions consist of a choice of exploration (development of prototype, awareness campaign or research proposal), three page written project and 3 minute video.

Four Steps to Creating a Project (click the boxes below to view)

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4

STEP 4: Create a Video (up to 3 minutes)

Video – Three minute videos should be shot to achieve the following goals:

  • Articulate the problem or issue and state the source and/or known statistics.
  • Include a summary of the written project elements.
  • Include visuals of the exploration route (development of prototype, awareness campaign or research proposal) associated with the project.
  • Videos will be kept private whether submitted as a video file or as a YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • See the FAQ page or project submission portal for more video upload information.