Bright Schools Competition Project Submission can be completed in 4 key steps!

The Bright Schools Competition asks students to investigate an issue related to light and sleep as it pertains to their community and/or young adolescents. Project submissions consist of a choice of exploration (development of prototype, awareness campaign or research proposal), three page written project and 3 minute video.

Four Steps to Creating a Project (click the boxes below to view)

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STEP 3: Develop Written Project - (up to 3 pages and up to a 3 page bibliography)

Each project is required to have both a written project and video. The written portion of the project should be in Microsoft Word or PDF and no more than three pages doubled spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font. The written project must consist of Rationale, Project Description and Methodology, Next Steps, and a Bibliography. The bibliography must include at least five sources and may be up to three pages in length in either MLA or APA citation format.

The following sections must be clearly labeled in your written project and include the content provided in the guidelines below.

The rationale should be based on research and should explain why students chose their identified problem/issue. Elaborate on the exploration route chosen and what was done.

Project Description and Methodology
Students need to identify their specific approach and what they did or plan to do to address the identified issue. The inclusion of pictures, graphs, interviews, timelines, etc. is encouraged. Explain the rationale behind the development of the prototype, awareness campaign and research proposal.

Next Steps
In this section, students will explain what they learned and what they could do next with additional resources (time, materials, etc.)

All sources used in researching the paper and video must be referenced in the Bibliography. The Bibliography may be up to three pages in length and should include at least five sources that are clearly labeled and conform to either MLA or APA citation standards. Students should strive for variety.