Bright Schools Competition Project Submission can be completed in 4 key steps!

The Bright Schools Competition asks students to investigate an issue related to light and sleep as it pertains to their community and/or young adolescents. Project submissions consist of a choice of exploration (development of prototype, awareness campaign or research proposal), three page written project and 3 minute video.

Four Steps to Creating a Project (click the boxes below to view)

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STEP 1: Research and Identify an Issue:
After students research the link between light and sleep, have them select a topic that they would like to explore further through the competition. The relationship between light and sleep needs to be evident for all explorations and projects. Lesson plans have been developed and can be accessed on the competition website to help introduce content to students.

Listed below are a few example problem questions that students could explore:

  • What does a good sleep environment look like?
  • What is the best time of day to start school?
  • What is the optimum lighting for classrooms?
  • How can the effects of jet lag be reduced?
  • What kind of lighting system is best for nursing homes?
  • What kind of lighting system is best for an office environment?

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